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D7.5 First version of guidelines and architecture for secure service composition

This report covers the first interim results of "Task 7.3 Architecture and guidelines for secure service composition". In particular, it presents the first iteration of the PRISMACLOUD architecture and the associated development methodology Cryptographic Service Development Livecycle (CryptSDLC). It also...


D7.3 Progress report on holistic security model for secure service composition

In this report we describe the concept behind PRISMACLOUD's service capabilities. A Service Capability is a security & privacy relevant property that is of importance for the application domain of the service and that can be described in a...


D6.1 Intermediate activity report on software prototyping for cryptographic support

This report provides an overview of all the software artefacts developed in parallel within the PRISMACLOUD project. This is the first report and it will become updated by the final report delivered as D6.2 at month 30 (August 2017). The...


D3.4 Progress Report on Business and Governance Models for Cryptographically Secured Services

The present document compiles the work carried out in T3.3 business and governance models after one year and a half of the start of the project. It begins with a brief analysis of state of the art business models in...


D6.4 Selection and specification of tools for software implementation

The Horizon 2020 project PRISMACLOUD reaches out to address several of the most pressing risks threatening end user security and privacy in current public cloud offerings with a portfolio of cryptographically secured services, providing dependable end-to-end security, without having...


D9.5 Initial assessment of current cloud standardization efforts

In its European Cloud Computing Strategy, the European Commission has pointed out the importance of standardisation for promoting the rapid adoption of cloud computing. Cloud computing products shall be evaluated and certified against standards, in order to support their...


D6.7 Document of specifications for hardware implementations

This document describes the speci cations of the selected cryptographic scheme for hardware implementation. The objective is to implement a redactable signature scheme that is robust to attacks with quantum computers. This redactable scheme will serve as a selective disclosure...


D5.5 Analysis of the requirements for and the state of the art for privacy and anonymisation techniques

This document sets the ground work for the implementation of the anonymisation service. We motivate the need for releasing data and provide formal definitions and background work related to anonymisation and privacy. The document also describes our work with the...


D5.1 Design of distributed storage systems without single-point-of- failure

Cloud computing is a major trend in the IT world and brings completely new delivery models for computing and storage resources to customers. The shift from locally hosted and speci fically tailored IT systems to externally hosted and maintained IT...


D4.6 First year research report on Privacy-enhancing cryptography

PRISMACLOUD aims at bringing novel cryptographic concepts and methods to practical application to improve the security and privacy of cloud based services and make them usable for providers and users. The purpose of this report is to document the progress...



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