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D4.4 Overview of functional and malleable signature schemes

Cloud computing is about outsourcing of storage to and processing of data at third party infrastructure. Besides many obvious bene ts, such a paradigm clearly comes with many security and privacy related problems, as cloud providers cannot be considered fully...


D2.2 Domain independent generic security models

This document is D2.2 “Domain independent generic security models” of task T2.2 “Refine and analyse domain independent generic requirements and security goals”. D2.2 is one of four main deliverables from work package WP2 “Use cases and re-quirements”. In addition...


Secure and Privacy-Friendly Storage and Data Processing in the Cloud

At the IFIP Summer School 2017, the two H2020 projects CREDENTIAL and PRISMACLOUD co-organized a workshop dedicated to introducing the necessary background knowledge and demonstrating prototypes of privacy-preserving solutions for storing, sharing, and processing potentially sensitive data in untrusted...


D9.8 User Advisory Board Communication Summary 1

The User Advisory Board Communication Summary 1 deliverable presents the User Advisory Board (UAB) members, summarises the UAB communication strategy of the PRISMACLOUD project and the UAB activities carried out during the first year of the project. The PRISMACLOUD...


D9.2 Dissemination and Exploitation Report 1

This deliverable presents the dissemination, communication, and exploitation1 strategies of the PRISMACLOUD project. Further it documents and summarises all the activities undertaken during the first year of the project. There are three points that PRISMACLOUD had put its focus...


Digital Health Outlook: UK and Italy Experiences in a Global Context

Event Type: Industry Conference Date: Monday, March 20, 2017 - 09:00 GMT Location: San Raffaele Hospital, Aula Pinta, Milan We are pleased to invite you to the Digital Health Outlook event scheduled for the 20 March 2017, at San Raffaele Hospital, Milan...


LINCOS - A Storage System Providing Long-Term Integrity, Authenticity, and Confidentiality

The amount of digital data that requires long-term protection of integrity, authenticity, and confidentiality grows rapidly. Examples include electronic health records, genome data, and tax data. In this paper we present the secure storage system LINCOS, which provides protection...


Securing the Internet of Things - Security and Privacy in a Hyperconnected World

Book Title Building the Hyperconnected Society IoT Research and Innovation Value Chains, Ecosystems and Markets Chapter Title Securing the Internet of Things - Security and Privacy in a Hyperconnected World Authors Elias Z. Tragos (FORTH, Greece), Henrich C. Pöhls...


Homomorphic Signature Schemes - A Survey

In the last years, there has been an increasing interest in homomorphic signature schemes. Thus, many schemes have been proposed that are suitable for a lot of different applications. In this work, we overcome the extensive state of the...


Efficient Proactive Secret Sharing

Distributed storage allows to outsource a document to the cloud such that multiple users can easily access the file. The protection of the document stored relies on secret sharing, which generates and distributes shares of the document to the...



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