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ISO SC27 meeting in Wuhan, China

In the week from 16 to 20 April 2018, PRISMACLOUD attended the 26th meeting of the ISO SC27 "IT-Security Techniques" in Wuhan, China. We are having two active liaisons with SC27 working groups WG2 "Cryptography and Security Mechanisms" and...


Engineering Cryptography for Security and Privacy in the Cloud

We published an article in ERCIM News Magazine No. 113 April 2018, titled "Engineering Cryptography for Security and Privacy in the Cloud". The article can be found in ERCIM News No. 113 online edition  


Best Paper Award Nomination

In this year’s DATE (ACM/IEEE/EDAA Design Automation and Test in Europe) conference the submission “A Fast and Resource Efficient FPGA Implementation of Secret Sharing for Storage Applications” by Jakob Stangl, Thomas Lorünser, and Sai Manoj Pudukotai Dinakarrao has made...


A Fast and Resource Efficient FPGA Implementation of Secret Sharing for Storage Applications

Title A Fast and Resource Efficient FPGA Implementation of Secret Sharing for Storage Applications Authors Jakob Stangl (TU Wien) , Thomas Lorünser (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology), Sai Dinakarrao (TU Wien) Abstract Outsourcing data into the cloud gives wide benefits...


Highly-Efficient Fully-Anonymous Dynamic Group Signatures

Group signatures are a central tool in privacy-enhancing cryptography, which allow members of a group to anonymously produce signatures on behalf of the group. Consequently, they are an attractive means to implement privacy-friendly authentication mechanisms. Ideally, group signatures are...


D7.4 Holistic security model for secure service composition

Contributing Partners UNI PASSAU, MPL Executive Summary With this final deliverable PRISMACLOUD shows how to successfully link the whole 4-tiers of the PRISMACLOUD architecture and provide service developers with so-called Service Capabilities to advertise their newly developed services more...


D7.9 Second release of software modules for use case integration and validation

This report provides the final overview of the work done in the frame of task T7.4 - Software development of framework and components to realize use cases. This is the third report of the task, an iteration over deliverable...


D5.11 Verifiable computing techniques and integrity preserving modifications for data managed by secure storage solutions

PRISMACLOUD aims at bringing novel cryptographic concepts and methods to practical application, to improve the security and privacy of cloud based services, and make them usable for providers and users. The purpose of this deliverable is to extend the architecture...


Einsetzbare Kryptografie für die Cloud

Title Einsetzbare Kryptografie für die Cloud Authors Henrich C. Pöhls (University of Passau) and Thomas Länger (University of Laussane) Abstract tba Journal  Zeitschrift für Datenrecht und informationssicherheit (digma). Jahrgang 17, Heft 1, März 2017 [Download]


Chameleon-Hashes with Dual Long-Term Trapdoors and Their Applications

A chameleon-hash behaves likes a standard collision-resistant hash function for outsiders. If, however, a trapdoor is known, arbitrary collisions can be found. Chameleon-hashes with ephemeral trapdoors (CHET; Camenisch et al., PKC 17) allow prohibiting that the holder of the...



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