Cloud Security and Privacy by Design


Thomas Lorünser (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology), Thomas Länger (UNIL University of Lausanne), and Daniel Slamanig (IAIK, Graz University of Technology)


In current cloud paradigms and models, security and privacy are typically treated as add-ons and are not adequately integrated as functions of the cloud systems. The EU Project \PC (Horizon 2020 programme; duration 2/2015-7/2018) sets out to address this challenge and yields a portfolio of novel technologies to build security enabled cloud services, guaranteeing the required security by built-in strong cryptography.


6th International Conference on E-Democracy (

Place and Date

Athens, Greece, 10th -11th December, 2015

Publication Reference

Thomas Lorünser, Thomas Länger, and Daniel Slamanig "Cloud Security and Privacy by Design" 6th International Conference on E-Democracy, Athens, Greece, 10th - 11th December, 2015. Proceedings.


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