D7.7 Software architecture and interface specification

Contributing Partners


Executive Summary 

This report provides an overview of the preliminary work taken in the frame of task 7.4 Software development of framework and components to realize use cases. This is the first report of the task and will be updated as project advances in the follow-up deliverables D7.8 (month 30 - August 2017) and D7.9 (month 36 - February 2018), which will be presented together with a set of prototype implementations to be demonstrated within the three use cases of the project.
This report describes a proposal of design process, technologies and tools that have been identified as relevant for the implementation of the PRISMACLOUD services. Afterwards, a proposal for the global architecture for the deployment of the PRISMACLOUD services in the cloud is presented.

Taking those into account, a preliminary design of three of the PRISMACLOUD services has been performed and described in this report with the objective of validating the proposed design process, technologies and tools, as well as provide practical examples for future work to all partners involved in the development of the rest of the PRISMACLOUD services.