Signatures for privacy, trust and accountability in the cloud: applications and requirements


Signatures for Trust and Accountability in the Cloud: A Technical and User Perspective


Alaa Alaqra (Karlstad University), Simone Fischer-Hübner (Karlstad University), Thomas Groß (Newcastle University), Thomas Lorünser (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology), and Daniel Slamanig (IAIK, Graz University of Technology)


This paper summarises the results of a workshop at the IFIP Summer School 2015 introducing the EU Horizon 2020 project Prismacloud, that is, Privacy and Security Maintaining Services in the Cloud. The contributions of this summary are three-fold. Firstly, it provides an overview to the Prismacloud cryptographic tools and use-case scenarios that were presented as part of this workshop. Secondly, it distills the discussion results of parallel focus groups. Thirdly, it summarises a “Deep Dive on Crypto” session that offered technical information on the new tools. Overall, the workshop aimed a outlining application scenarios and eliciting end-user requirements for Prismacloud.


10th IFIP Summer School 2015 (

Date and Place

Edinburg, UK, 16 - 21 August 2015