D5.5 Analysis of the requirements for and the state of the art for privacy and anonymisation techniques

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Executive Summary 

This document sets the ground work for the implementation of the anonymisation service. We motivate the need for releasing data and provide formal definitions and background work related to anonymisation and privacy.
The document also describes our work with the use case owners to understand the requirements, limitations and stakeholders. Based on these discussions we identify the specific use case (E-Health) needs and lay down specific requirements for an anonymisation service.
This deliverable also contains a review of existing patents and highlights the most relevant regulations. In addition, we present the existing solutions (industry and open source) and identify gaps PrismaCloud could address. We provide a review of the work done in academia formalizing and describing, k-anonymity, differential privacy and big data anonymisation.
We find that there are gaps in addressing big data anonymisation in academia, industry and open source communities. To the best of our knowledge there is no comparison of the available academic solutions for big data nor is there an understanding of the utility and privacy trade-offs of these solutions. In addition, there is a lack of solutions addressing big data anonymisation in the industry and open source community.