D5.7 Final Report on Privacy and Anonymization Techniques

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Executive Summary

PRISMACLOUD implements novel cryptographic concepts and methods to lift them into practical application and improve the security and privacy of cloud based services, while at the same time make the services accessible to providers and end users.
The purpose of this report is to outline the architecture and design of the cryptographic tool TOPOCERT. The TOPOCERT tool aims to facilitate the certi cation and veri fication of cloud infrastructures. The deliverable describes the design paradigms of the tool, put in context of its terms and de nitions. It outlines the component model and static architecture, determining scope and responsibilities of components and roles in cryptographic protocols. It summarizes the background on the con dentiality preserving security assurance, provides an overview on the geo-location separation and presents research regarding the application of the TOPOCERT tool beyond the application in the e-Government use-case within PRISMACLOUD.

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