D4.11 Final Design and Evaluation

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Executive Summary

In this document, we present our progress with respect to FPE, OPE and anonymization in the last year. In the previous report (D4.10 [1]) we described the underlying algorithms for FPE, OPE and anonymization that we had developed, implemented and evaluated. During this year we integrated all aforementioned algorithms in DATAPRIV tool, and employed the tool in two services, namely Special Encryption service (XPES), and Anonymization service. We reported on the progress with respect to DATAPRIV tool in D5.4 [2], and our progress with respect to the services is reported in D7.6 [3] and D7.8 [4]. In this deliverable we report on: (1) evaluation of XPES service; and (2) the work that has been done this year with respect to k-Anonymity.