D5.4 Tools for Encryption and Tokenization Techniques Developed in T4.4

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Executive Summary

In the deliverable D4.10 we described the underlying algorithms for FPE, OPE and anonymization that we developed during the project. In particular, with respect to encryption, we developed a framework for general formats definition, and fast encryption/decryption techniques, operating on formats defined using the framework. With respect to anonymization, we extended and evaluated 5 algorithms to support t-closeness. We integrated all aforementioned algorithms in a single tool called DATAPRIV.
The purpose of this report is to outline the architecture and design of the DATAPRIV tool. In this deliverable, we provide an overview of the tools architecture, dependencies and the services which make use of the tool. We also delve into the implementation of the tool and provide detailed class diagrams and interfaces for the main components inside the tool.