D5.10 Privately and publicly verifiable computing techniques providing privacy, integrity, and authenticity (VERIDAP Tool)

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Executive Summary

PRISMACLOUD aims at bringing novel cryptographic concepts and methods to practical application, to improve the security and privacy of cloud based services, and make them usable for providers and users.
The purpose of this deliverable is to outline the architecture and the design of the cryptographic tool Veridap. This tool relies on verifiable computing schemes allowing for verifiable data processing by means of performing verifiable computations on data stored in the cloud.
In this report first the Veridap tool is introduced by detailing its architecture, component model, terms and definitions, and libraries. Then it shows the functionality of verifiable computing schemes using a possible use case for the Veridap tool. Finally, the set of verifiable computing schemes currently supported by our tool is presented and the different properties of the various verifiable computing schemes are highlighted.
Note that in the Grant Agreement this deliverable is announced to be of type demonstrator. We decided to additionally provide this more elaborate report in order to be able to not only communicate the details of the demonstrator, the realization in form of a tool and its implementation (see Section 2) but additionally also describe our scientific advances of the state of the art with respect to publicly verifiable computing schemes (see Section 4).