D6.2 Activity Report on Software Prototyping for Cryptographic Support

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Executive Summary

This report provides an overview of the software artefacts developed in parallel within the PRISMACLOUD project and this is the final report of its predecessor D6.1 Intermediate activity report on software prototyping for cryptographic support. It contains updated information on the components mentioned in D6.1 as well as information on new components for which the development started between 18th and 30th month of the project.
The report documents the process that is used to centrally collect and document the prototypical implementations throughout the whole consortium. The use of repositories for documents (dedicated directories on PRISMACLOUD’s SharePoint server) as well as version control systems (git repositories) facilitates sharing within the consortium. Every consortium member was thus able to quickly see the on-going activity. This report captures all the development activities for the software artefacts of PRISMACLOUD that have been developed prior to the pilot deployments. Following the roadmap a lot of the development activities will now take place to fix problems occurring during the service deployment in WP7 and WP8 of PRISMACLOUD.
One observation during the second period of the task was that the 4-tier structure of PRISMACLOUD as well as the CryptSDLC proved really helpful; they correctly described the interdisciplinary work carried out between cryptographers, application designers and software engineers (See Sect. 3 for examples). CryptSDLC was described first in D7.5 and updated in D7.6.
The collection and documentation process described in this report explicitly covers prototypical implementations, which might not be developed any further or which become obsolete after they fulfil their role as proof-of-concept prototypes or performance testbeds. However, of course the inventory is also allowing tracking the evolvement of software artefact that will get further re-fined and optimized, or which will get incorporated into other software.
The Task 6.1 on the prototypical software implementations that are related to cryptography has come to its end in M30 and selected software developments will be carried over into the PRISMACLOUD pilot implementations.