D6.3 Proof-of-Concept Implementations of Basic Components

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Executive Summary

This document accompanies the software prototypes built for the deliverable D6.3, which is of type ’other’. These proof-of-concept implementations of cryptographic and closely related functionality provide the basis for their further development in PRISMACLOUD’s tools. This document contains information about the implementation and the performance results of these selected basic cryptographic components.
Following PRISMACLOUD’s organisation, this deliverable is about the implementations of cryptographic functionality in software to be used in the PRISMACLOUD tools VERIDAP, SECOSTOR, FLEXAUTH, TOPOCERT, while information regarding the development and implementation of the DATAPRIV tool can be found in separate deliverables, e.g. D4.10 “Initial Design and Evaluation” (of M24, end of Jan, 2017) includes performance measurements.
Also it contains no information related to the hardware developed during PRISMACLOUD; see D6.8 for information about the prototype of a secured device implementing crypto primitives.