D8.1 Specification of test-bed configurations for validation phase

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Executive Summary

Nowadays, big companies and public authorities are reluctant to entrust their most sensitive data to external parties for storage and processing, due there are no satisfactory approaches to adequately protect the data during its lifetime in the cloud. PRISMACLOUD addresses these challenges and yields a portfolio of novel security enabled cloud services, guaranteeing the required security for sensitive data in the cloud.
This set of cloud services includes: outsourcing computation with verifiable correctness, authenticity-preserving, distributed multi-cloud data storage, data minimization, users anonymization, etc.
This report (D8.1) provides an overview of how those cloud services –designed and developed in previous phases of PRISMACLOUD– can be used in real applications, and how real applications or pilots can be implemented.
Three pilots (Smart City, e-Government, and e-Health) will be used in order to evaluate these services. Each of the pilots will be composed by one or several scenarios and will include a set of PRISMACLOUD services. Figure 1 shows a mapping between the use cases and the services.

Figure 1: PRISMACLOUD mapping scenarios-services