D8.3 E-Government use case validation

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Executive Summary 

PRISMACLOUD demonstrators make use of the RTD results in order to test, assess and validate the whole project outcomes. The software components developed to build the PRISMACLOUD cloud services are now integrated to be used as a proof of concept in the three demonstration applications, in three different scenarios. For the evaluation and validation of the demonstrators a CIM (Criteria, Indicators and Metrics) approach has been applied, which is based on the analysis of results and measurements of different indicators. Once all the indicators are measured and the data is collected, this data will be analysed later on in order to assess and validate the test bed results.
The demonstrators implemented in PRISMACLOUD are related to three different domains: e-Government, Smart City and e-Health. This deliverable is focused on the e-Government demonstrators.
More specifically this deliverable presents how the eGovernment use cases perform according to the requirements collected during the WP2 activities. This deliverable includes the following use cases:
• Secure Distributed Storage
• Certification of Virtualised Infrastructure

The first use case is made up of two main components, both developed purposely for PRISMACLOUD. The first one is the ARCHISTAR/SECOSTOR component which is the one implementing the secure distributed storage that leverages methodologies developed in PRISMACLOUD. The second main component is the WebApp which allows the user to interact with ARCHISTAR/SECOSTOR on one side and the back-up system on the other. For the purpose of this use case “Duplicati” has been chosen as a back-up system. The overall system may also be integrated with other back-up systems even though this would require some additional development/integration work (to be assessed based on the chosen system).