D9.9 Advisory board communication summary 2

Contributing Partners


Executive Summary

PRISMACLOUD is a huge undertaking with various results, and an outside to the consortium advice and guidance is necessary to achieve outstanding results with high exploitation possibilities. At the project start we established an Advisory Board (AB) with experts coming from relevant to the project fields. We had frequent interactions with them where we received and integrated their feedback which helped to drive the PRISMACLOUD project success.
During the second and third reporting period we organised two dedicated AB workshops and one AB workshop during the 12th IFIP Summer School on Privacy and Identity Management 2017. In addition, except for the above mentioned workshops we often had the chance to meet and discuss with the AB members about the project in conferences and events.
The 1st AB Workshop took place immediately after the end of the project’s first year where we discussed about the project’s use cases and technologies as well as about possible collaborations, dissemination and exploitation opportunities. The AB feedback from this 1st workshop help us to develop the PRISMACLOUD Architecture, to refine the use cases and to receive useful guidance on standardization.
The 2nd AB Workshop took place in March 2017 where the consortium had already produced several outcomes and experts’ view was necessary to refine them. In this workshop we show the first demonstrators and we received positive feedback. We discussed a lot about the exploitation of the results and on how we can bring them to the market and After the workshop we worked intensively on our exploitation strategy and examined the possibilities of open source software.
During the IFIP Summer School on Privacy and Identity Management 2017 we co-organised together with the CREDENTIAL project a workshop to receive feedback on the demonstrators not only from our AB members but also from other experts in the field. The experts pointed out that the technologies must also be useable and understandable for IT experts and system architect who have not a deep knowledge of cryptography or security. The feedback received helped us to improve our solutions and make them more usable and understandable.
To sum up, the useful advice from the external experts helped us to shape the project and played a key role to the final project results.