D8.5 Evaluation results of the PRISMACLOUD advancements in real environments

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Executive Summary

This document reports on the evaluation of the PRISMACLOUD services in the different scenarios against the functional requirements defined in D8.1 [1]. The objective of the evaluation is to assess if the project services comply with the functional requirements defined in deliverable D2.3 and further refined along the timespan of the project and presented in D8.1. To achieve this, three evaluation plans have been designed and executed in order to cope with the requirements of the use cases of the three domains, smart cities, e-government and e-Health. In spite the use cases are quite different the consortium proposed a common plan for following a similar methodology and making results comparable. The different evaluations are therefore conducted starting from a common evaluation framework and a common methodology. The evaluation methodology is a mix of project-wide and pilot-specific objectives, identified in D8.1 [1], D8.2, [2], D8.3 [3] and D8.4 [4]. The evaluation methodology gathers the results of the pilot execution in the three domains and aims a providing summary of the results. In addition to this analysis, for each use case, the deliverable presents a general vision, the lessons learnt performing the related evaluation and the recommendations that could be extracted from them and the specific use case conclusions. The final conclusion of the pilots is presented as the final part of this document. In summary, the results of the validation reflect a successful implementation of the PRISMACLOUD outcomes in the use cases but also show some room for improvements.