D8.4 e-Health use case validation

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Executive Summary

The PRISMACLOUD e-Health demonstrator aims at integrating and using the project results with the objective of testing and validating the e-Health related services provided by the project. Project outcomes are divided in two categories: (i) those transparent to the end users, i.e. primitives and applications; (ii) and those to be tested by the end users that are related to the interfaces and applications. The software components developed to build project services are now integrated and ready to be used as a proof of concept in the three use cases defined for the e-Health pilot. The evaluation of the demonstrators has been performed to validate the functional requirements defined in D8.1. Functional requirements are classified between those to be qualitative or quantitative measured. Once all the functionalities are measured for the three pilots and the evaluation of the demonstrator performed, the results of all three pilots will be analysed to assess and validate the global results of PRISMACLOUD in the three environments. The results will be provided in deliverable D8.5.