Cloud Security and Privacy by Design


Thomas Lor√ľnser (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology), Thomas L√§nger (UNIL University of Lausanne), and Daniel Slamanig (IAIK, Graz University of Technology)


In current cloud paradigms and models, security and privacy are typically treated as add-ons and are not adequately integrated as functions of the cloud systems. The EU Project \PC (Horizon 2020 programme; duration 2/2015-7/2018) sets out to address this challenge and yields a portfolio of novel technologies to build security enabled cloud services, guaranteeing the required security by built-in strong cryptography.


6th International Conference on E-Democracy (

Place and Date

Athens, Greece, 10th -11th December, 2015

Publication Reference

Thomas Lor√ľnser,¬†Thomas L√§nger, and¬†Daniel Slamanig "Cloud Security and Privacy by Design" 6th International Conference on E-Democracy,¬†Athens, Greece, 10th - 11th December, 2015. Proceedings.


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