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MoPS: A Modular Protection Scheme for Long-Term Storage

Current trends in technology, such as cloud computing, allow outsourcing the storage, backup, and archiving of data. This provides efficiency and flexibility, but also poses new risks for data security. It in particular became crucial to develop protection schemes...


Linearly Homomorphic Authenticated Encryption with Provable Correctness and Public Verifiability

In this work the first linearly homomorphic authenticated encryption scheme with public verifiability and provable correctness, called  LEPCoV , is presented. It improves the initial proposal by avoiding false negatives during the verification algorithm. This work provides a detailed...


Position Paper: The Past, Present, and Future of Sanitizable and Redactable Signatures

Sanitizable signature schemes (SSS), as well as redactable signature schemes (RSS), gained a lot of attention in the recent past. In a nutshell, both types of signature schemes allow to alter signed data in a controlled way by a,...


The Archistar Secret-Sharing Backup Proxy

Cloud-Storage has become part of the standard toolkit for enterprise-grade computing. While being cost-and energy-eecient, cloud storage's availability and data conndentiality can be problematic. A common approach of mitigating those issues are cloud-of-cloud solutions. Another challenge is the integration...



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