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Efficient Third Party Auditing for a Distributed Storage System

When using distributed storage systems to outsource data storage into the cloud, it is often vital that this is done in a privacy preserving way, i.e., without the storage servers learning anything about the stored data. Especially when storing...


PRISMACLOUD Tools: A cryptographic toolbox for increasing security in cloud services

The EC Horizon 2020 project PRISMACLOUD aims at cryptographically addressing several severe risks threatening end user security and privacy in current cloud settings. This shall be achieved by the provision of a reusable toolbox encapsulating cryptographic functionality from which...


Practical Signing-Right Revocation

Michael Till Beck, Stephan Krenn, Franz-Stefan Preiss, and Kai Samelin. “Practical Signing-Right Revocation“, in: Michael Franz and Panos Papadimitratos (eds.) TRUST 2016, pp. 21-39, LNCS 9824, Vienna/Austria, Springer.



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