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AIT filed the first PRISMACLOUD patent

When using distributed storage systems to outsource data storage into the cloud, it is often vital that this is done in a privacy preserving way, i.e., without the storage servers learning anything about the stored data. Especially when storing...


Post-doc position in cryptography for PRISMACLOUD at Newcastle University

We are offering a post-doctoral Research Assistant/Associate position in applied cryptography. The position includes the investigation of new cryptographic primitives and protocols to certify cloud systems in a confidentiality-preserving way. We ask questions like: How can we digitally sign...


A security analysis of techniques for long-term integrity protection

The amount of security critical information that is only available in digital form is increasing constantly. Some of these data, such as medical or tax data, need to be preserved for long periods of time. Thus, several schemes for...


AS³: Adaptive Social Secret Sharing for Distributed Storage Systems

Distributed storage allows to outsource a document to the cloud such that multiple users can easily access the file. The protection of the document stored relies on secret sharing, which generates and distributes shares of the document to the...



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