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D4.1 Secret Sharing Protocols for Various Adversary Models

Contributing Partners  AIT, TUDA Executive Summary Cloud computing is one of the major growth areas in ICT and will be at the heart of cyber physical systems and smart applications of the future. Although not being a fundamental new...


D3.1 Analysis of Current Baselines and Best Practices for Secure Services

Contributing Partners  ATOS, LISPA, AIT, XiTrust, FCSR, MPL, IRT, ETRA Executive Summary The main aim of this task is to establish the baselines and best practices for security services within the PRISMACLOUD project development. In order to define those...


D2.4 Progress Report on Threat Analysis and Security Requirements

Contributing Partners CEA, ETRA, LISPA Executive Summary  Absolute security does not exist and, in any system, security definition has, first, to start with a threat analysis (attacker profiling) and a definition of the information to protect (and against what),...


D2.3 Use Case Specification

Contributing Partners LISPA, ETRA, ATOS, IRT Executive Summary  The goal of this deliverable is providining a detailed description of the Use Cases in the three domains: E-Government, E-Health and Smart City. The first part of the document starts with...


D1.1 Project Handbook

Contributing Partners AIT Executive Summary This document underlines the management procedures for an effective tracking of the PRISMACLOUD project development including detailed description of the work plan and strategy. Especially, the principal aims of this handbook are to: give...



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