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PRISMACLOUD workshop on malleable signatures

On November 6th XiTrust hosted a workshop on malleable signature schemesĀ in Graz, Austria. Within the workshop Daniel Slamanig (TU Graz) andĀ David Derler (TU Graz) presented theoretical capabilities of variousĀ types of malleable signature schemes. Then, there was a fruitfulĀ discussion with...


Non-Interactive Plaintext (In-)Equality Proofs and Group Signatures with Verifiable Controllable Linkability

Olivier Blazy, David Derler, Daniel Slamanig, and Raphael Spreitzer. Non-Interactive Proofs for Plaintext (In-)Equality and Group Signatures with Veri able Controllable Linkability. In Topics in Cryptology - CT-RSA 2016, The Cryptographer's Track at the RSA Conference 2016, San Francisco, CA,...



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